Vol. 31 No. 2


Уводна реч гостујућих уредника
Драган Мартиновић
Драган Бранковић
Владимир Пелемиш


1. The Impact of the Additional Programme of Kinesiological Activities on the Morphological Status of Preschool Children
Vladan M. Pelemiš,
Danica R. Džinović-Kojić,
Vladimir P. Živanović


2. The Prevalence of Spinal Deformities in Children of the Early School Age in the Republic of Srpska
Dalibor Dj. Stević,
Nebojša Z. Mitrović,
Dejan R. Bokonjić


3. Opinions of Pupils of Lower Grades of Primary School Regarding Leisure Time and Spending Time in Nature
Dragan S. Branković,
Dragan D. Martinović,
Vladimir K. Miletić,
Željko M. Rajković


4. The Volume and Intensity of Motor Activity in the Physical Education Classes
Goran V. Šekeljić,
Milovan V. Stamatović


5. Integrating Mobile Technology in Teaching Physical Education
Miroslava R. Ristić


6. Body Mass Index (BMI) as an Important Factor in the Manifestation of Motor Abilities of Early Primary School Pupils
Slobodan Pavlović


7. Parent’s Attitudes towards Physical Education of Preschool Children
Radovan B. Grandić,
Marta D. Dedaj, Tanja P. Panić


8. The Significance of Motor Skills Development in Disadvantaged Pupils
Josip M. Lepeš,
Sabolč Č. Halaši, Robert L. Pap


9. The Quality of Kinesiology Education – a Prerequisite for Survival
Vladimir V. Findak,
Ivan A. Prskalo,
Josip I. Babin


10. Opinions of Teachers about the Programmes of Physical Education in the Higher Grades of Primary School as a Basis for their Innovation
Dragoljub Višnjić,
Мiroslav Marković


11. Correlation between Body Mass of the Younger School Age Students in Town Schools and the Schoolbag Weight
Živorad М. Marković


12. The Influence of Traditional Song and Dances on Children’s Motor Development
Angela Mesaroš Živkov,
Srbislava Pavlov,
Mirjana Milanović


13. Postural Status as a Factor of Planning in Physical Education of Preschool Children
Sava Maksimović,
Slavica Lertua


14. Useful web sites
Miroslava R. Ristić, University of Belgrade, Teacher Education Faculty

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